Best Australian Coffee Shops to Visit

Coffee culture is extremely advanced in Australia and the rest of the world can really learn from the Aussies. In Australia, coffee isn’t just a beverage, but more of a way of life. The Aussies are extremely creative with their coffee-making and because of this, they craft some of the best coffee in the world. When you make the best coffee, of course, you have some of the best coffee shops. Australia is famous for cute little coffee shops drawing you in from just the smell of coffee brewing. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a comfy coffee shop with a cappuccino while surfing the internet. I use the free wifi for responding to emails and playing the best games at Pokerstarscasino and CardGames. Whether you’re meeting friends or just watching people passing by and want to try the strangest latte that only Australia has to offer, there’s a coffee shop for you to do so. So here are the most popular coffee shops in the area.

Australian coffee culture is advanced
Australian coffee culture is advanced


ACoffee is a garage-turned-coffee shop located in Melbourne with a minimalist feel. The coffee shop has a very modern look and feel to it, with bright white walls and gorgeous design. The coffee shop is very simple, as their main focus is one thing– the amazing coffee that draws you in. Not only is this a beautiful coffee shop with outside seating, but it’s a mix of a brewery, nursery, and housing. ACoffee began as a stand-alone roastery and is dedicated to sourcing premium raw coffee beans and roasting them carefully in small batches. In addition to coffee, they serve delicious croissants, breakfast items, and pastries. They also deliver locally, so you don’t always need to travel to their location to enjoy their deliciousness.

Gesha Coffee Co.

Established in 2014 in the city of Fremantle, Gesha Coffee Co. roasts their own coffee beans daily. Their coffee beans are from the finest origins globally and are the best coffee beans in all of Fremantle. Gesha supplies many local cafes and independent supermarket with their coffee beans, and they also deliver orders door to door. The coffee shop is open seven days a week serving up breakfast and lunch. Their menu includes breakfast items such as eggs, french toast, and salmon. While their lunch menu offers everything from chicken wraps to chorizo hot dogs. They also offer a kid’s menu, pastries, and baked goods.

Main Coffee Co.

Situated in Newcastle, Main Coffee Co. is a cool drive-thru coffee spot where they only serve up the highest quality beans from Crema Coffee. There are just a few seats inside, so most locals simply text their order beforehand so that it’s ready when they arrive. They are famous for their iced lattes, cold brew, and delicious pastries. Even though it’s very small, the vibe inside is calm and cool, making it a very relaxing atmosphere. The baristas are very friendly and usually know all of their repeat customers by name.

The Purple Moose

The Purple Moose, located in Sydney, serves up fantastic coffee with yummy bites to eat. Offering breakfast and lunch items, this small coffee shop is a favorite among the Aussies. Their coffee menu includes hot chocolate, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes. They also offer cold drinks as well as cold drips. Their breakfast menu includes eggs, bacon, and avocado toast, while you can get gourmet sandwiches, salads, and jaffles for lunch. The Purple Moose features a purple mascot that you can view while inside sipping on your beverage of choice.

Proud Mary Coffee Roasters

Located in Melbourne, Proud Mary is a coffee shop with endless coffee choices. Their coffee menu is so extensive, it’s been said to intimidate customers, so most locals usually stick to their same order. Their coffee is so amazing, they offer a subscription on their beans. This coffee shop serves all day breakfast as well as lunch. You can find omelettes, hot cakes, and potato hash on their breakfast menu. When it comes to lunch, your choices are tuna, meat pie, and several fresh salads. Proud Mary not only serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne, but you can find teas, kombucha, and even a few alcoholic drinks.

Delicious latte
Delicious latte

Twenty & Six Espresso

Twenty and Six Espresso is a comfy coffee shop located in North Melbourne. It’s your home away from home offering coffee, tea, and a seasonal menu with lovely homemade food. The coffee shop features a courtyard in the back where you can dine and soak up some sun while enjoying their herb garden. Their menu includes mostly brunch items such as french toast, rice pudding, sandwiches, and burgers. In addition to coffee and tea, they offer smoothies and shakes. The coffee shop has a very welcoming feel, as its designed beautifully, seeing as to how the owner is an interior designer.

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