Celebrating Christmas in July In Australia

Unlike the rest of the world, the Australian celebrate Christmas in July. As weird as it sounds, knowing that the coldest months of the year in Australia are in June and July, thus hailing the tradition. This doesn’t mean that the Australians don’t celebrate Christmas in December like the rest of the world. Christmas in July is merely an additional way to celebrate the weather and follow a tradition.

The Reality of The Festival

Technically speaking, Christmas in July isn’t a recognized festival with a public holiday, but the 25th of December is officially considered Christmas day like the rest of the world. However, during July, to keep up the heritage of celebrating Christmas in the cold with mulled wine and fire is what instigated the tradition. Warming foods, mulled wines and beautiful snow, if you head to the mountains await the enthralled traveler, during the cold months.

Christmas in July is not constrained to just Australia. However, other countries such as South Africa and New Zealand celebrate the same because of sharing the same cold months in the year. Many people think that the 1940s movie with the title “Christmas in July” is where the name for the event comes from. However, this is not true, and the origins of the concept are not known. Rumour does have it that the traditions come from the Blue Mountains in Sydney where there is snow during the months of winter in Australia.

Festival Cheer and Celebrations

There are several places in Australia that you can celebrate Christmas in July. Depending on the tastes of people, they can choose to go to the snow-capped mountains for the full white Christmas experience, or they can stay away from the snow and still enjoy the cold weather. However, most people prefer to celebrate the event in the mountains by booking a cabin at a hotel for a few days.

The celebration calls for gifts, and everyone just needs an excuse to share and get gifts. The same applies to Christmas in July. People dress up in their favorite reds and greens and sit around a Christmas tree and enjoy roasted warm foods and exchange gifts. Depending on the type of cabin you book, the price for the stay and meals will differ and range from $150 to $250 per person.

The menu available for the celebrations is extravagant and comes with carol singers and special guests performing as well. Otherwise called the Yulefest, Christmas in July has been gaining popularity all over Australia in recent times. Kids have a fun time celebrating Christmas in July with their family, especially with Santa making a short appearance and handing out presents.

Some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in July in Australia is the Mountain Heritage hotel in the Blue mountains or Sovereign Hill in Ballarat near Melbourne. Be sure to check out the ice-skating rinks to glide around before your meal and celebrations. Also, the best mouth-watering puddings at the different venues are sure to thrill every visitor.

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