Discover Phillip Island

Wondering what else you should see in Australia besides Cockatoo Island? We think Phillip Island should make your list too. From cute animals to superheroes, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

Historical Background of Phillip Island

Phillip Island is on the southern side of Australia. It was named after the first governor of New South Wales, Arthur Phillip. It has 60 miles of coastline and over half of the island is farmland for sheep and cattle. But it wasn’t always this way.

Before European mariners, indigenous Australians called the Bunurong people lived there. Although several ships visited the island earlier, it wasn’t until 1826 that the British established a colony near Rhyll. At this time, the Captain of the expedition felt that the island did not have a sufficient supply of water and abandoned the fort. Finally, in 1843, John David and William McHaffie took possession of Phillip Island and settled it.

Phillip Island’s Top Attractions

There are many beautiful things to see and exciting adventures to take on Phillip Island, but here are our top picks.

  • Wildlife Encounters:

Animal lovers take note. Phillip Island offers many opportunities to interact with rare animals. On the western and southern coasts, you’ll find large populations of fairy penguins and Pacific Gulls. The Penguin parade, where little penguins come to shore in groups, is one of the islands biggest attractions. The little penguins grow to only about 13 inches tall and are very rare, appearing only in this area and Chile. There’s also a wildlife park where wallabies and kangaroos roam wild among visitors. You’re welcome to hand-feed them.

Love koalas?

Consider visiting the Koala Conservation Centre to see cute koalas in their natural habitat face to face. The center aims to protect and conserve koala bears. Learn more about koalas in the visitor center through interactive displays before heading out to the tree top boardwalks or trails. The trails wind through the Australian bushland where you can see a large variety of birds, wallabies, echidnas, and bats as well.

In Australia, the largest colony of fur seals lives on the west side of the Island. On top of that, you’ll see Burrunan dolphins, killer whales, and humpback whales in the surrounding waters.

  • Racing:

If you’re into racing, Phillip Island won’t disappoint. Opened in 1956, races held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit replaced public road racing. The race track is home to several racing championships. You can watch motorcycle and car races or hop on a go-kart and do your own racing. For the more adventurous, the circuit offers hot laps too. Experience a lap around the track with a professional driver.

The Resident Superhero

If all this hasn’t convinced you to visit the island yet, would Thor be able to change your mind? Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel movies Thor and the Avengers lived on Phillip Island. His family, including brothers Luke and Liam, moved to the island when Chris was in high school.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Australia!

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