The Australian Culture Protects and Preserves Both Flora and Fauna

The Australians are passionate about their animals and plants. On a cold spring day, you will find most people out gardening and looking after their trees while kids are encouraged to grow pets, which anyone else would think is scary. Every living thing that lives in Australia is respected. The government firmly believes that both pets and pests are Australian and will need to be protected. Visitors who come to the country might be shocked by the onslaught of information about watching out for some of the deadliest spiders and snakes in Australia. While anyone else from around the world would kill such creatures, the Australians are taught from a young age to respect and preserve all life; poisonous or not.

Animal Cruelty and Conservation

Not giving your pets enough food or water, can land you in trouble. One complaint against you, and you would have to face a very long trial. Yes, animal cruelty is not encouraged or ignored, even a little. It is taken very seriously and applies even to livestock. This includes also feeding your pets correctly. If you have a pet, you must look after it. If you find a bird fallen from the tree, there are special guidelines on how to look after them, as well. By being a savior, you are potentially harming the young ones and hence, the government would rather you inform the authorities to look after the injured creatures.

The improper treatment of animals even goes as far as banning other countries from importing Australian bred animals. After seeing videos of livestock being treated very badly by other countries like shoving them into trucks and dragging them cruelly, the Australian government was upset. In turn, they have banned a few countries from importing their livestock for a while. Stringent laws are in place even when it comes to exporting as well.

Pets and Plants

The Australian culture allows for anyone to have pets that are permitted by law. This includes spiders, reptiles and other creepy crawlies. The respect and reverence they have for plants are fantastic. Any plant that is brought into the country must be declared because they worry that the plant brought in will affect the other natural flora when it decomposes in the country. Sometimes visitors feel that flora and fauna are given more importance than human lives in Australia. To a degree, this is true, particularly when it comes to protecting pets as you would protect your family member.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

It is amazing to note that the amount an average Australian would pay for their pet is more than what they would spend on their own rent or family. Speciality food for pets and plants is researched and developed to a large degree in Australia. Nothing but the best for the furry companions of the Australians. The latest trend in Australia is to get an insurance for your pets. It is truly remarkable to see a culture where everything alive is given equal benefits and a chance to thrive in a world where pollution and crime is taking over.

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