Things About the Australian Culture That Would Surprise Most People

Most people don’t realise the size of Australia when they see it on the far lower side of the map. The actual size of the island continent is about the size of America and covers the size of entire South East Asia. It is however, the 6th largest country in the world. Apart from its size the lifestyle and culture of the people of the land Down Under is quite amazing.

  • Wildlife Conservation – Their Flora and Fauna is unique and not found anywhere else in the world. Despite being the land to host the most poisonous reptiles and insects, the Australians respect the wildlife and flora. They are very respectable to the spiders that one would rather kill. They would catch and release them to be on their way.
  • Immigrants – The country is very welcoming to immigrants with skills that can contribute to the country. In fact, after Athens, Greece; the largest population of Greek is found in Melbourne, Australia
  • Gambling – The Australians love to gamble. It is said that 80% of Australia is involved in some form of gambling.
  • Hot Summers – While the entire world enjoys a nice cold Christmas, the Australians have it the other way around with the seasons. December to March is when they have their summer months and summers fit for a desert too.
  • Taking A Joke – When in Australia be prepared to be joked about and passing a joke or two as well. There are no bounds as to who doesn’t become a victim of a joke in Australia. Simple way to look at it is not to take a comment seriously and slug a beer together after a good laugh.
  • No Tall Boots – Australia believes in equal opportunity for everyone. The tax system and general life of people discourage the rich from getting richer and the poor from getting poorer. Everyone is cut down to the same size to live harmoniously together without judgement.
  • The Cost of Living – The cost of living in Australia is very high because of the number of people who prefer to drive than take public transport mainly. The real estate is very expensive as well and renting anywhere near a water body in Australia is tough.
  • Work Hours – People work for long hours – 8:30AM to 5:30PM. However, they are very flexible with how people work. People who want to spend time with family or are even running late to work, just need to text their bosses.
  • Loyal – People in Australia are very loyal to the companies they work for and even the grocer in their suburb. They don’t change things around a lot just because they want to. In fact, every suburb even caters to every requirement of its inhabitants.
  • Fridays Like No Other – Fridays in Australia is drink day. No matter where you work or what you do, come 1:00PM on Fridays, bottles of wine and beers are opened, and everyone socializes.
  • Family First – From the government to companies, everyone values family. Tax breaks for families, one-year paid maternity and paternity holidays, concessions, etc are a few of the perks for families in Australia.

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