Three Mystical Things About Uluru – A Sacred Aboriginal Site

Ayers rock, or more simply put The Red Rock, is exactly what it looks like; a big rock. The size of Ayers Rock spans the size of a large island and is a single stone. People from all around the world visit the base of the rock and scale its height. The entire experience is supposed to be exhilarating and magical. However, visitors often don’t know enough about the Uluru based site except the fact that it is red.

A Sacred Site

Ayers Rock is a sacred site of the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal tribe. The site has been considered sacred because it has graced its location for thousands of years and has significant properties. Uluru is bang smack in the middle of Australia and is surrounded by desert. There are many small water bodies that encircle the rock and the tribesmen in the middle of the desert lived off the lush greenery around it. Though the rock was named as Ayers after Henry Ayers, the actual name amongst the tribesmen to this day is Uluru. Visitors who visit the site are graced by the stories that are narrated with much reverence. The tribe have performed sacred ceremonies around the rock for the last 5000 years, and sometimes invite people to join in. Photographs and a recording device are strictly prohibited here because of the sacred reverence of the rock.

The Beauty

The first thing that people notice about the rock is that it is red. There are very rare indigenous plants and lifeforms that live and thrive only around the rock. These are not seen anywhere else in Australia and it is considered a mystery. The animals that live around Uluru are said to be ancestral and is the reason evolution took course in the first place. There are dot style paintings that grace the foot of Uluru that tell the Dreamtime stories associated with it. The main significance is the colour of the entire rock, which changes during the day. Starting from light pink at dawn and changing to a dark dusky red in the evening, the site is truly spectacular, against the bright blue sky.

Dreamtime Story

According to ancient folklore, Uluru signifies the world at a time when it was not formed yet. The story goes on to talk about how the Angangu tribesmen’s ancestors were the ones who roamed the earth and formed the different places. Uluru is a significance of the time when the ancestors of the earth existed and is highly revered. The thousands of Petroglyphs that are carved and painted onto the rock narrate this story. Rock cropping that are found on Uluru represent the very spirits of the ancestors of the tribe. Touching the rocks, the tribal receive blessings from their ancestors.

After hundreds of years being held by the Australian Government, the site has finally been handed over to the local tribesmen. This was on request as climbing Uluru is not encouraged by the tribesmen and they want to maintain the historical significance of the site. There are tours that you can take to Uluru on your visit, however, until further notice the site cannot be scaled by visitors without prior permission.

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